KiddoKenshin's work list

Warning! Most of the works here are coded with HTML5 code.
Browsers that does not contain HTML5 support might have difficulites on viewing the result.
All of my stuff listed below are experiments I made. A lot of hard coded / weird coding going around with in the source.
View it with precautions. :D (Laughs)

You can refer and use the codes I wrote. Just give me a simple credit(A link to my page perhaps?) on your page and I'll be happy. Cheers ;)

- Old BADV Demo

Work in Progress:
- reBADV, simple demo(Hard Coded)
*Screen, Character, Wink/Blink, Dialogue Text, Lip Sync with Text*
- reBADV, Web Audio API demo(Hard Coded)
*Simple Volume Control, BGM Crossfade*
(Sorry FireFox 22, you are still broken for this... Current Plan: Figuring out on Audio Panning...)

Some weird stuff...:
- PNG Minifier (Powered by pngquant)
- Black Witch type Communication window + Twitter Result (Refered from 境界線上のホライゾン)
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